At Childs Architecture, our portfolio of civic work includes community centers, schools, churches and parks. These institutions serve a noble purpose: to foster community values. We are cognizant of these values and aim to create a seamless connection between the purpose of a community space and its design.


Childs Architecture worked alongside the church committee to give the church’s expansion an individual character while still connecting back to the existing building. The creation of the curved facade gave this public face a graceful and modern shape, highlighting the monumental stairway and creating a sheltered courtyard. This curve is not only present in the fellowship hall, but also continued in the World of Children day school on the lower floor.

Woodruff Road Christian Church

The lobby space and coffee bar at Woodruff Road Christian Church are the centers of activity and socializing after services on Sundays. With its bright color palette, this space presents a welcoming and inviting spot for church members and visitors to share in fellowship and community building. Childs Architecture helped the church select the finishes and furniture for the lobby space and created defined areas for seating and social interaction.

Northwood Middle School

Partnering with Stevens & Wilkinson, Childs Architecture helped facilitate the design and construction of this Greenville County School including construction administration and other key local services.