Our time-honored method helps us reveal the essence of our client’s vision. From our very first analysis to the final architectural design details, we uncover and help transform your dream design into a tangible place for you and others to enjoy.

Step One: Analysis

It starts with a conversation. What is the focus and purpose of your project? A business client may need increased efficiency in their operations, while a residential client may desire a home that can grow with their new family. Either way, we get to your bottom line with a series of questions to help us better understand and prioritize your wants and needs. Budget is also discussed during this initial conversation so we can reach a realistic outcome and avoid any disappointments.

Step Two: Approach

We like to explore options in the early stages of design to better determine the correct path for the project. Sketches and 3D models help us explore these options quickly and effectively. And by deliberately seeking more than one design, we allow clients to select an idea that best suits them and gives them a voice.

Step Three: Pulling It Together

After reviewing multiple design options, we gather the best ideas together to create one cohesive design concept. With open communication, creative minds and healthy collaboration, this important step guides the process toward a lasting solution.

Step Four: Confirmation

With the concept for design solidified, we review our preliminary drawings with our clients and compare them with the original program spreadsheet and project budget. As good stewards of your project, we confirm that the design aligns with project vision and goals before proceeding.

Step Five: Ironing Out The Details

Once the bones of the project are set, the flesh of the design develops. We strive to reflect the style of the project, whether modern, traditional or contemporary, throughout the building. We believe this contributes to the character of the whole design.