Hospitality is part of our culture here in the South. Our region attracts visitors from across the country. In fact, downtown Greenville, SC was ranked one of “America’s Top Ten” by Forbes Magazine. We enjoy developing memorable and welcoming spaces for the area’s lodging and restaurants. We seek inspiration in your brand and aspire to create a special guest experience.

Frodos Pizza

Starting with essentially a blank slate, Childs Architecture took inspiration from the Lord of the Rings trilogy (from which Frodo’s draws its name) and transformed a generic outparcel building at Cherrydale Point into an inviting restaurant space that brings the imaginative, fanciful world of Middle-earth to life.

Biscuit Head

Our challenge was upfitting a tenant space for the needs and volume of customers served by Biscuit Head each day. This project allowed Childs Architecture to think resourcefully in space planning for the kitchen, prep, cleaning, storage, counter and dining areas required for this space to function as a bustling restaurant. The unique character of the Biscuit Head name was brought to life in this Greenville location of the popular Asheville breakfast destination.

Cabellz Ice Cream Shop

Cabellz Ice Cream Shop worked with Childs Architecture to create a playful, creative space for children, adults and families to enjoy a sweet treat. Using a fun and whimsical motif, Childs Architecture designed a colorful interior that welcomes visitors of all ages.

Park House B&B

This project presented a challenge that required renovating this residential home from cut up apartments. We restored its historic detailing to create a bed and breakfast for locals and visitors to the Greenville, SC area. This project allowed Childs Architecture to redesign the interior spaces and rework the circulation for the owners and guests to flow with ease from the bedrooms to the public spaces.