Childs Architecture carefully considers the context and end-use of every commercial project. Our buildings need to be functional, long-lasting and cost-effective. We also recognize that energy efficiency is an important aspect of today’s spaces. Commercial architecture typically involves the coordination of many moving parts, including the owner, sub-contractors and outside specialists in areas such as lighting, plumbing, heating and ventilation. Our portfolio of commercial projects includes a variety of spaces, from offices to multi-tenant structures.

W.N. Watson

Drawing inspiration from classic and modern sources, Childs Architecture transformed an unassuming auto repair shop into a unique feature of the downtown landscape. With the modern gray palette, slat walls and pops of red, it is hard to distinguish between the original building and its larger shop addition. The oval signage for W.N. Watson was inspired by the name tag you find on a classic mechanic’s shirt.

Park Square

In partnership with Rice-Cleveland Construction, Childs Architecture designed this multi-tenant structure to recreate a slice of nostalgic Main Street. By relegating parking to the sides and rear of the property, we were able to develop an inviting plaza between the building a Washington Street.